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Kettlebell Fitness
(Functional training with kettlebells)

The variety of sport equipment isn’t limited only by barbells and dumbbells, there is such a universal tool as a kettlebell. Kettlebells are gaining ground around the world allowing people to diversify their workouts. Many people ignore kettlebells because they simply don’t know how to work with it.


It would be a mistake to consider kettlebells as a type of free weights. The main difference between free weights and kettlebells is that in the latter the center of gravity is displaced. If the weight in dumbbells and barbells is distributed evenly then in kettlebells the handle of the kettlebells is on top, which means that the vector of gravity is shifted from the handle. So, kettlebell exercises are not like dumbbell or bar exercises.

What is kettlebell fitness?

This is a training system that can be described as a set of exercises with kettlebells, usually performed cyclically in the aerobic-anaerobic mode. Doing kettlebell exercises, the athlete moves the weight of the kettlebell around their body through a wide range of angles, making all its parts work synchronously: legs, body, arms, and involves almost all muscle groups. It is known that exercises "on the whole body" are much more effective in giving muscle tone, forming the correct physique and increasing strength.


What is the difference between kettlebell fitness and kettlebell sport?

Kettlebell fitness has its origins from kettlebell sport. There are only three main exercises in kettlebell sport such as snatch, jerk and long cycle. These exercises must be performed with specific weight, shape of kettlebell and usually during 10- minute set. Compared to fitness, in kettlebell sport participating in the competition you can obtain rank or tittle based on the ranking tables designed for it.


In kettlebell fitness there are no limits for type of exercises, shape of kettlebell and no rules. Kettlebell fitness was designed to be in shape all year round with opportunity to train at home, outdoor or whenever. Due to the combination of cardio and strength, kettlebells have become popular for use in high-intensity training (HIIT). Some examples of kettlebell fitness exercises: windmill, push press, Turkish get up, thruster, swing, Russian twist, squats, clean etc

What are the benefits of kettlebell fitness?

✓ You will improve your endurance and physical strength;

✓ You will improve your flexibility;

✓  You will improve your proprioception, on which the coordination and psychological

state of a person depends;

✓  Kettlebells will help you lose weight, because they are great for burning fat and

increasing your metabolism. You will have lean and slender body;

✓ You will strengthen your ligaments, tendons and cartilage, making them less susceptible to injury;

✓ Women will not be able to “pump up” and become masculine.


And one more important point: training with kettlebells is beautiful!

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You will burn 200 calories for 10-minute non-stop workout with kettlebell, which is the highest energy consumption in comparison even with running that considered to be the main fat burner.
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